Returns Policy

It is hoped that the item you purchase both fills your requirements and arrives to you in a condition exactly as described on the website listing.

However, for a multitude of reasons this is not always the case, hence Stuart’s Emporium has a generous returns and refunds policy, as described here.


This table shows a summary of the Returns and Refunds policy.

Refund Type

Change Of Mind

Not As Described

What is the reason for the return and refund?

Change of mind

Error in purchasing

Item no longer needed

Any other reason.

Item damaged in transit

Error in item description

Item arrives late.

How long before the item must be returned?

28 Days

In what state must the item be returned in?

As Delivered

Who organises return shipping?


What is refunded?

Value of item

Value of item

Original shipping

Return shipping

How is the money refunded?

Using the means that original payment was made (PayPal, Bank Transfer, or Cash)

How long will it take for the refund to arrive?

At most 7 days, plus any time taken by your financial institution to process the transfer.

Important Note: This summary in no way replaces the full policy described in the following paragraphs.

Reasons for Refund

Rest assured, an item purchased from Stuart’s Emporium may be returned, and a refund given, for any reason whatsoever, reasons that can be grouped into two categories:

Change Of Mind:

Applications for refund in the “Change Of Mind” category include:

  • Items purchased in error;

  • Items no longer required;

  • Any other reason.

Not As Described:

Applications for refund in the “Not As Described” category are limited to when an:

  • Error is made by Stuart’s Emporium in the item description at the time of purchase;

  • Item is damaged in shipping and arrives in a state not as described in the item description;

  • Item does not arrive within the time frame given in the Shipping Policy, or does not arrive at all.

Terms of Return

The item must be returned within 28 days of delivery.

In the case of an item that was shipped, this 28 days begins at the date and time that the parcel was delivered, according to the shipping provider’s tracking information. If the service does not provide tracking information, this date is instead the date the item was sent.

In the case of an item picked up in person from Stuart’s Emporium, the 28 days begins when the item was collected.

State of Return

In all cases where a physical return is requested by Stuart’s Emporium for a full refund, the item must be returned in exactly the same condition in which it was originally delivered.

If, according to Stuart’s Emporium the item is not returned in it’s delivered condition, the refunded amount may be adjusted down at the discretion of Stuart’s Emporium.

Some items may have additional requirements for return. If so, these requirements are detailed in the item’s listing.

Process for Return

Request for Refund Application

Before returning goods, the buyer must either submit a Return Request using the Return Request form on this website, or contact Stuart’s Emporium using another means.

In the case of a “Not As Described” request for refund, the buyer must also provide evidence of the problem with the item. Stuart’s Emporium may request further evidence before approving the refund.

Return Shipping

Depending on the value of the item, Stuart’s Emporium shall determine whether the item must be returned for a refund.

If a return is required, the buyer is responsible for organising the return shipping to the address from which the item was sent.

Process for Refund


In the case of a “Change Of Mind” return, returned in it’s delivered condition, the amount refunded is:

  • The amount originally paid for the item.

In the case of an approved “Not As Described” return, returned in it’s delivered condition, the amount refunded is the sum of the:

  • Amount originally paid for the item

  • Calculated shipping cost for original shipping (see “Calculated Shipping Cost” below)

  • Calculated shipping cost for return shipping (see “Calculated Shipping Cost” below)

In all cases, if the item is not returned in it’s delivered condition, an amount will also be deducted from the refund, by the the discretion of Stuart’s Emporium.

Calculated Shipping Cost

For a “Not As Described” return that is eligible for a refund of the original shipping fee and the return shipping fee, the following describes how these amounts are calculated.

No other items in the original transaction

Where a single item was purchased in a transaction, the calculated shipping cost is the amount originally paid for shipping.

Other items purchased in the original transaction (combined shipping)

Where multiple items were purchased in the transaction with combined shipping, the calculated shipping cost is the amount calculated by the Australia Post Shipping Calculator, to send the parcel individually from the shipping address to Stuart’s Emporium, using the method (Regular or Express) originally selected at the time of purchase.

If multiple items from a transaction are returned, even if these are returned individually and at different times, the total calculated shipping cost will not exceed the amount originally paid for shipping for the transaction these items were purchased in.

Payment Method

Any refunded amount shall be transferred using the payment method originally used to purchase the item, and to the account from which the original payment was made.


The amount to be refunded will be transferred within 7 days of the item arriving at Stuart's Emporium.

Contact Details

To initiate a return, please use the Return Request form on this website. However, if this option is unsuitable for any reason, please feel free to contact Stuart’s Emporium using the details on the Contact Us page.

Last updated 23 May 2022. Previous versions of these conditions are available on request.